What Was the Biggest Effect That New Technology Had on Farm Workers?

The most significant impact of modern technologies on agricultural laborers has been the loss of many employment.

Similarly, Why did it take so long for working class people to fight for improved conditions workers were simply grateful to have a job and a place to live?

Why did it take so long for workers to fight for better working conditions? Workers were just thankful to have a job and a home. Workers accepted the challenges that came with industrialisation. Workers were too exhausted to protest because of their work.

Also, it is asked, Which were new advancements in innovations that resulted from industrialization check all that apply quizlet?

The following are examples of new breakthroughs and inventions brought about by industrialization: I the use of electricity to power factory machines. (ii) The assembly line’s excellence. (iii) Water is used to power mills.

Secondly, What factor would have the most likely prevented the problems that Cities faced during urbanization?

What element would have most likely averted urbanization’s problems? They provided employees with the option to earn more money. Why were working conditions at factories so poor at the onset of the Industrial Revolution?

Also, What is the most likely reason Griscom connected crime to poor living conditions quizlet?

What is the most plausible explanation for Griscom’s association of crime with poor living conditions? People who were sick and unable to work were more prone to conduct crimes.

People also ask, Why did it take so long for working class people to fight?

Why did it take so long for workers to fight for better working conditions? Workers were just thankful to have a job and a home. Workers accepted the challenges that came with industrialisation. Workers were too exhausted to protest because of their work.

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What was going on in Europe that most likely influenced the reform movements of the 1800s?

What was going on in Europe throughout the 1800s that most likely inspired reform movements? Governments took a long time to respond. The population was quickly growing. Revolutions were sweeping the continent.

What is an important result of industrialization?

Existing industries became more productive and efficient thanks to new machinery, new power sources, and new methods of arranging labor. New industries evolved as well, like the automotive industry in the late nineteenth century. Learn more about the Industrial Revolution’s consequences.

What was the most important result of the second industrial revolution?

A more efficient variant of the Bessemer process to manufacture a huge volume of steel affordably.

What was an important direct effect of the industrialization?

For others, the Industrial Revolution resulted in enormous increases in wealth and financial security. It also prompted a fast demographic transition by increasing occupational specialization and allowing cities to host greater populations.

What problems resulted from the rapid growth of cities?

The impact of industrialization and population increase on the nation’s cities was dramatic. Noise, traffic bottlenecks, slums, air pollution, sanitation and health issues become all too prevalent. Skyscrapers started to dominate city skylines when mass transportation, such as trolleys, cable cars, and subways, were developed.

What were the greatest problem facing urban areas in the late 20th century?

Congestion, pollution, crime, and sickness were all common concerns in all metropolitan areas, and city planners and residents alike sought creative solutions to the issues brought on by fast urbanization. The majority of working-class city inhabitants lived in deplorable circumstances.

How did conditions in cities affect people’s health?

What impact did urban environments have on people’s health? These issues may contribute to the spread of typhoid fever and cholera. People also lost their homes and structures to flames due to a lack of water.

What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on the middle class?

The emergence of new social classes Along with the working class, the Industrial Revolution generated a new middle class. The new factories, mines, and railways, among other enterprises, were owned and run by the middle class. Their standard of living was much superior than that of the industrial working class.

What is the most likely reason the agricultural revolution caused a population increase?

What is the most probable explanation for the Agricultural Revolution’s population increase? People might be healthy and nourished since there was more and better food available.

How did Britain stop the spread of industrial technology?

Britain prohibited mechanics, engineers, and others from leaving the nation in order to prevent the spread of industrial technology.

Is the 1800s progressed demand for labor reform increase mainly because?

Labor reform became more popular as the 1800s proceeded. What was the primary motivation behind this? To protest against bad working conditions and to defend themselves.

Which of these developments helped launch the Industrial Revolution?

By increasing the quantity of food produced and lowering the number of farmworkers, the Agricultural Revolution aided the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was made possible by the Agricultural Revolution.

What led to exploration of new economic theory?

Exploration of new economic theories happened throughout industrialization, as it did during earlier times of history, as a consequence of critical thought about the present system of governance and the current theory at work.

What was the first European country to industrialize?


How did technological advances in agriculture affect the Industrial Revolution?

How did agricultural technical advancements influence the Industrial Revolution? In order to have greater pastures, wealthy landowners started to enclose farms. Furthermore, improved agricultural equipment and methods aided in increasing food availability and quality.

What was the effect of Industrial Revolution on workers in England?

Workplaces were often overcrowded, inadequately ventilated, and rife with safety concerns. Men, women, and children all worked for subsistence pay in unhygienic and hazardous conditions. Workers could frequently only afford the most basic accommodation, leading to the emergence of urban slums.

How did industrialization and new technology affect the economy and society?

How did the economy and society change as a result of industrialization and new technology? To create enormous quantities of goods, factories developed new tools and procedures. Railroads spread throughout the country. Immigration was promoted by the government.

Was one of the most important technological innovations of the Second Industrial Revolution quizlet?

Steam engines power the earliest railroads, steamboats, and factories, and are one of the most significant innovations of the Industrial Revolution. The Second Industrial Revolution had a profound impact on society. The following are some of the societal consequences of the revolution: Rapid urbanization occurred.

How did workers respond to industrialization?

People’s living and working situations changed dramatically as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Labor groups formed partnerships known as unions in reaction to bad working conditions and advocated for improvements. Reform movements began in Britain and the United States and spread around the globe.

What are 3 positive things that resulted from the Industrial Revolution?

Many good things came out of the Industrial Revolution. An growth in wealth, products output, and living standards were among them. People had better meals, nicer dwellings, and lower-cost items. Education also improved throughout the Industrial Revolution.

What long term effects do you think new building technologies had on cities?

What role did new technology play in assisting cities in dealing with population growth? Congestion was relieved by mass transportation, skyscrapers provided more room for housing and businesses, and mass culture provided more leisure and cultural activities.

How did urbanization technology and social change affect the North?

What were the effects of urbanization, technology, and social change on the North? Workers started to migrate to cities in search of new opportunities. Growing urbanization resulted in a scarcity of safe drinking water, which led to sickness. Cities become more congested.

How did New technology promote urban growth around the turn of the century?

What role did new technology play in promoting urban development at the turn of the century? In the cities, new technology was developed and implemented. Along with new technology came new work opportunities, which is why people started to migrate to cities (urbanization), since that’s where the jobs were.

What effects did the migration from rural areas to the cities?

Because there were more employment in the city, rather than the agricultural sector, migration from rural regions rose and extended the business market. As a result of the enormous growth in city populations, various health concerns arose, including unsanitary housing conditions, widespread criminality, and increased fire danger.


The “the middle class that emerged during the industrial revolution consisted mainly of” was a big effect that new technology had on farm workers. New technology allowed for more efficient farming, giving them the ability to produce more food with less labor.

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