What Technology Expands the Normal Capabilities of a Web Browser for a Specific Webpage?

Similarly, Can JavaScript create separate stand alone applications?

JavaScript is unable to build standalone, independent apps. Similar to a phishing assault, XSS does not need the user to be tricked into visiting a malicious website. Web application security is simpler to maintain than system security.

Also, it is asked, What type of device is inserted between the computer keyboard connection and USB port for the purposes of stealing information?

A little gadget known as a hardware-based keylogger connects the keyboard to the computer.

Secondly, Is also called a Flash cookie named after Adobe Flash?

a cookie with the Adobe Flash Player’s name. Local shared objects are another name for (LSOs). Like conventional cookies, Flash cookies cannot be erased using the browser’s standard setup options.

Also, Is the process of coding information to make it unreadable except to those who have a special piece of information known as a key?

encryption is defined. the act of altering or coding information such that only those with the necessary skills or decryption key can decipher it.

People also ask, Is JavaScript a program?

An easy-to-use interpreted programming language is JavaScript. The JavaScript code is sent to the web browser in text form, where it is then executed.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you make Windows apps with JavaScript?

Chromium and Node.js are used in the cross-platform desktop application framework called Electron. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript makes it simple to create cross-platform applications. Right out of the box, your software will work with the Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Which Windows feature provides information to users and obtains their approval?

Before an application may alter the settings of the computer, a windows security feature informs users and requests their consent.

Which type of malware self replicates between computers from one computer to another )?

Worms are a form of virus and self-replicating malware that infiltrate networks by taking advantage of security holes and spread swiftly from one machine to another. Because of this, worms have the ability to multiply and spread swiftly, potentially causing global system disruption in addition to local disruption.

Which JavaScript defense restricts a JavaScript downloaded from site A from accessing data that came from Site B?

JavaScript’s ability to access certain computer resources or perform certain activities may only be controlled by running it in a constrained environment (a “sandbox”). By using this defense, data from Site B cannot be accessed by JavaScript that was downloaded from Site A. eliminates the need for plug-ins like Flash.

What is an infected robot computer?

Bots, often known as Internet robots, are compromised computers that hackers may remotely command. The hacker seizes control of the machine that is infected with malware and uses it to spread the virus to other devices connected to the same network and the internet.

Which of the following is a program advertised as performing one activity but actually does something else quizlet?

What is the name of a software that advertises itself as doing one thing but in fact does another? Ponzi scheme. They are an executable software that seems to do something good but really accomplishes something bad.

What cookies does Adobe Flash Player use?

comparable technologies to cookies Both the people who create the files that Adobe Flash Player reads and the websites that host those files employ LSOs (learn more about Flash Player and LSOs).

What is used by advertisers to keep track of your web activity as you move from one site to the next?

An advertising corporation uses a tracking cookie to monitor your online behavior as you go from one website to another.

Is the process of breaking down information sent or transmitted across the Internet into small parts?

Information is divided into little pieces and packetized for Internet transmission.

What is the most common protocol for website encryption?

The most widely used encryption protocol on the Internet is TLS/SSL, which is used every day. TLS/SSL, or Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption protocol that guarantees the confidentiality of communications between a client and a server.

What is JavaScript in web technology?

Making interactive web pages is possible using JavaScript, a text-based computer language that can be used on both the client and server sides. JavaScript adds interactive aspects to online sites that keep users interested, while HTML and CSS are languages that provide web pages structure and design.

How do you insert comments in Java code?

Two forward slashes (//) mark the beginning of a single-line remark. Java ignores any text that appears between / and the line’s end (will not be executed).

What is HTML CSS and JavaScript?

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS The languages that power the internet are JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Although they are extremely closely linked, they are also made for quite particular jobs. Being able to understand their interactions can help you create websites.

How do I create a desktop application with react?

Utilize Visual Studio Code to debug your React Native desktop application. Get Visual Studio Code installed. In VS Code, access the programs folder. Install the VS Code plugin for React Native Tools. The following settings should be pasted into a new file called.vscode/launch.json in the apps root directory.

Can Electron apps run on Android?

These APIs are compatible with Electron, Web, iOS, and Android. Capacitor employs the common embedded Web View native controls accessible for iOS and Android, while Electron bundles in a “web view” via Chromium.

Which of the following Windows features gives access to tools that protect against malicious software and hackers?

Windows Defender: Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge has SmartScreen, which aids in protecting you from harmful websites and downloads. Windows Firewall: Using a network or the Internet, Windows Firewall prevents hackers and harmful malware from accessing your device.

Which tool does Windows 10 use to manage the security and health of the device windows complete Windows Defender Windows event viewer windows 911?

At the subsequent reboot, Windows Defender in Windows 10 utilizes its ELAM driver to undo any malicious modifications made to the Windows Defender driver.

Which type of malware spreads from one system to another or from one network to another and causes similar types of damage as viruses do to the infected system?

Worms, one of the most prevalent forms of malware, propagate across computer networks by taking advantage of flaws in the operating system. A worm is an independent software that copies itself to spread to other computers without human intervention.

Which malware type can replicate itself without the help of a host system or human interaction?

A computer worm is a sort of virus that replicates itself and spreads to other computers while still functioning on infected ones.

Which of the following is the type of software that has self-replicating software that causes damage to files and system?

Which of the following categories of software contains self-replicating code that harms systems and files? Explanation: A worm is a form of virus that replicates itself on other disks, systems, and networks to spread across your computer.

What can be used to run JavaScript in a restricted environment and limit what resource I can access?

JavaScript’s ability to access certain computer resources or perform certain activities may only be controlled by running it in a constrained environment (a “sandbox”).

What is it called when unsuspecting users visit an infected website and their browsers download code?

When unaware consumers access an infected website, their browsers download malware that takes advantage of a flaw in the user’s browser. 14. Which of the following increases a web browser’s standard capabilities for a particular webpage? browsing in private.

Is my computer a zombie?

You may have a zombie issue if your computer slows down even when you are not running numerous apps simultaneously. When you attempt to browse websites that provide antivirus or spyware applications, you receive error pages or rejections, which is a clear indication that something is amiss.

How do I delete malicious files on Android?

Take these easy actions: Visit the Google Play Store application. Activate the menu button. By pressing the three-line symbol in the top-left corner of your screen, you may achieve this. Choosing Play Protect. Swipe Scan. Your smartphone will have the opportunity to remove any hazardous applications that it finds.


A “what type of web server application attacks introduce new input to exploit a vulnerability?” is a question that would be answered with: A “Web Server Application” which would include “Apache Web Server”, “Microsoft IIS”, and “Nginx”.

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