What Devices Use Liteon Technology Corporation?

Mobile devices, notebook PCs, desktop PCs, servers, communication equipment, LCD displays, TVs, game consoles, multi-functional office equipment, and industrial computers all utilize the company’s products.

Similarly, What is Liteonte device on my network?

It might be any number of devices that buy network chips from liteon. It’s the same with practically all mac addresses on ethernet, which indicate intel but don’t imply anything. Most likely, it’s a gadget in the home.

Also, it is asked, Is ps4 a liteon device?

.and a Sony PS4 with a device fingerprint similar to the one seen in the accompanying picture had its fingerprint modified to Building Management/Liteon/Liteon Storage device.

Secondly, How can I see who’s using my Wi-Fi?

Examine the devices that are linked to your network and their data use. Open the Google Home app on your phone. Select Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu. Tap Devices at the top of the screen. To get more information, tap a certain device and a tab. The amount of data your device is now utilizing is referred to as real-time use.

Also, Can you tell what a device is by MAC address?

Even without the device in hand, MAC addresses may be utilized to determine the manufacturer and perhaps model of the device. This is referred to as the OUI (organizationally unique identifier)

People also ask, How do I find the MAC address of my router ps4?

0:161:10 If you click on it at the top, system information should emerge, and you should be able to locate the MAC address. More Click it at the top of the screen, and the system information should show. On this page, you should discover the MAC addresses, which you need memorize if you wish to join to the wireless network.

Related Questions and Answers

What is Samsung Electro Mechanics on Wi-Fi?

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is known for its technical acumen in the development of innovative Wi-Fi modules with high-density packaging and stringent testing capabilities. It has built up design-to-manufacturing capabilities via collaboration with suppliers all across the globe.

How do I physically locate a device on my network?

On my wireless network, information about a connected device. Ping the device after doing a port scan (tap Service Scan). On the device, do a traceroute. On the device, run Wake on LAN.

What is a generic brand Android device?

The term “generic Android devicerefers to Android devices that don’t have a particular brand name or can’t be linked to a certain class or brand.

What is a chongqin device?

According to the chart below, Chongqin is a recognized hardware manufacturer that produces devices with MAC addresses. MAC Prefix is a unique identifier for a computer. Name of the company.

What is a Huizhoug device?

What is a Huizhou gadget, and how does it work? Any network equipment made by Huizhou Gaoshengda Co. Ltd., such as a Wi-Fi router, smart device, IoT device, or Wi-Fi peripheral, is referred to as a Huizhou Gaoshengda device.

What is an Ampak device?

The OUI is for AMPAK, a protocol that is often used to link embedded Android devices, such as Blu-ray players and touchscreens. Because they’ve been producing adapters for so long, it might be anything, but it’ll almost certainly be a smart device with an interface.

What is Texasins device?

The information about “connected devices” comes from DHCP and ARP, which suggests it was most likely a smartphone or a connected home device, according to Texas Instruments (some Nest devices use TI processors)

How do I identify an unknown device on my network?

How to manually detect unfamiliar network devices In your Windows, Linux, or macOS system, open the Command prompt or Terminal. Using the command prompt, look for all of the network settings, such as the default gateway and IP address. To get a list of all IP addresses linked to your network, use the command “arp -a.”

How do I know if someone is piggybacking my internet?

Looking for a flashing green light on your router after disconnecting or turning off everything in your house that connects to your WiFi is a simple, low-tech approach to see whether someone is on your WiFi. This strategy is most effective if you are aware of all the devices that are connected to your WiFi network.

Are neighbors stealing my internet?

Examining your internet connection for signs of fraud Is it possible that your neighbor is stealing your internet connection? Take a look at your current network as a starting point. Check to check what devices are linked to your router by logging in. Your router should already have a username and password set up.

How can I identify a device by its IP address?

If you know a device’s IP address, you may use the tracert command at the command line to track its journey (cmd). To trace an IP address, open a Command Prompt window and enter tracert followed by the IP address you know. Each router that has a connection to that device will pass through, according to the output.

How do I remove an unknown device from my network?

To use Home Network Security to discover and delete any unknown devices connected to your network, follow the steps below Open the app for Home Network Security. Select the Menu option. Select the unfamiliar device from the Devices menu. “Allow Home Network Access” should be deselected.

How do I trace a MAC address on my network?

Type “arp -a” to view all the MAC addresses and their corresponding IP addresses. This command displays a list of all the system’s accessible MAC addresses. The IP address is on the left, while the MAC address is on the right.

Can a stolen PlayStation 4 be tracked?

Sony can assist you in locating a missing PlayStation system. You’ll need to get your PS4’s MAC address from your network, call Sony’s customer service, and then have your case’s police officer contact Sony.

Is there anyway to track a PS4?

0:202:28 And here’s how you can find out where your stolen items are. The PlayStation 4 is a gaming system. The very first thing you must do isMore And here’s how you can find out where your stolen items are. The PlayStation 4 is a gaming system. To make your case official, you must first submit a police complaint with the appropriate authorities.

How do I know what network my PS4 is on?

Select (Settings) > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection] to test and show an Internet connection.

What are Espressif devices?

Espressif Inc is a Wifi module that may be found on a variety of smart devices for the Internet of Things. They’re basically neat tiny gadgets.

What is ESP32 used for?

The ESP32 may work as a stand-alone system or as a slave device to a host MCU, lowering the communication stack overhead on the primary application CPU. Through its SPI / SDIO or I2C / UART interfaces, the ESP32 may communicate with other systems to offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

What does Samsung Electro Mechanics Thailand make?

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) Co Ltd is a company based in Thailand (Thailand) Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing is the company’s industry.

Can IMEI be tracked through Wi-Fi?

I’m curious whether an iPad may be traced using its IMEI number rather than its IP address if it is not connected to a cellular network. The gadget is solely used on a WiFi network and has never been linked to a cellular network and will never be connected to one. Is the mobile phone radio turned on? If this is the case, the IMEI is most likely transmitting.

Can you track a phone through Wi-Fi?

In a nutshell, YES! Both the sensor (WiFi router) and the smartphone send a circular signal, as do all radio-based communications such as Bluetooth, 4G, and so on. This implies that the sensor must be placed in the center of the measurement zone.

Why does my phone have 3 IP addresses?

Apart from what ManiacJoe said, each connection has an internal IP address and an external IP address – you’re on two wifi networks and two mobile data networks – the one from your phone to your router (for wifi) or your carrier (for mobile data) and the internet – each connection has an internal IP address and an external IP address. .

What manufacturer is chongqin?

Profile. Kawasaki (Chongqing) Robotics Engineering Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and a Chinese finance business. It is Southwest China’s sole robot producer.


“Liteon Technology Corporation on my wifi” is a device that can be used in your hotel room to provide you with internet access. It uses the 802.11ac wireless standard.

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