An Artist Who Uses Art to Commment on the Dehumanizing Potential of Technology Is:?

Artwork as a set of instructions for the observer or participant to follow is one of the many concepts that Marcel Duchamp popularized and that may be found in computer and other new media art. Eduardo Kac is a creative who utilizes his work to critique the possible dehumanizing effects of technology.

Similarly, Which noted computer artist created the passions A series of computer manipulated video images based on religions paintings for the Getty Museum?

Who is the well-known computer artist who produced “The Passions,” a collection of digitally altered videos based on religious artworks for the Getty Museum? William Viola

Also, it is asked, What was Duchamp known for?

article on Wikipedia. Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp was a French painter, sculptor, chess player, and writer whose work is linked to Dada, Cubism, and conceptual art. He was born on July 28, 1887, and died on October 2, 1968.

Secondly, What did Duchamp mean by retinal art?

from the Encyclopedia of Popular and Fine Arts A term and idea credited to French-American artist Marcel Duchamp, retinal art or retinal painting refers to art that primarily or only appeals to the sight rather than the intellect. Its beginnings date back to the 1950s.

Also, What kind of artist is Marcel Duchamp?


People also ask, Which nineteenth century figure invented a loom that was controlled by punch cards and has been called a specialized graphics computer?

J. M. Jacquard developed a loom for weaving textiles with intricate patterns. The loom, which has been referred to as a “specialist graphics computer,” was operated by punched paper cards.

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Who was Albrecht Durer quizlet?

German by birth. was the first artist to do so who was not Italian to achieve acclaim during his lifetime. On everything from perspective to anatomy, he collected notes and notebooks.

What does surrealism stand for?

Surrealism is defined as the concepts, ideals, or practice of using bizarre or illogical juxtapositions and combinations to create amazing or incongruous visuals or effects in art, literature, cinema, or theater.

What are readymades in art?

French artist Marcel Duchamp used the phrase “readymade” to characterize the works of art he created using manufactured things. Since then, it has often been used more broadly to describe similarly created works of art by various artists.

What was Dada art a reaction to?

A literary and creative movement known as Dada had its start in Zürich, Switzerland. It developed in response to World War I and the nationalism that many believed was the primary cause of the conflict.

What was Jackson Pollock’s art style?

Painting in the abstract Action painting in modern art

What kind of artist is Marcel Duchamp quizlet?

Dada was an artistic movement that included Duchamp. In essence, Dada was an art movement that started in Switzerland. It was a precursor of abstract painting and disregarded conventional ideas of what constitutes art.

Is Marcel Duchamp a contemporary artist?

One of the key protagonists in the evolution of modern and contemporary art, Marcel Duchamp’s body of work, which includes everything from painting to the plastic arts, has had a profound influence that is still felt today.

Who was the founder of Dadaism?

Dada had political similarities with the extreme left and was opposed to capitalism in addition to being anti-war. Hugo Ball, a writer, is credited with creating dada. In 1916, he founded the Cabaret Voltaire, a satirical nightclub in Zurich, and “Dada,” a journal, according to Ball. “Dada,” “Dada,” “Dada.”

What was were Vannevar Bush’s main contributions to the development of computer technology?

What major contribution(s) did Vannevar Bush make to the advancement of computer technology? He first thought about personal computers and hypertext. Artwork as a set of instructions for the observer or participant to follow is one of the many concepts that Marcel Duchamp popularized and that may be found in computer and other new media art.

What is Jacquard loom in computer?

When the Jacquard loom was created in the early 1800s, weaving operations were managed by a succession of punch cards. It is named after its creator, Joseph Marie Jacquard, and is regarded as a link in the development of contemporary computer processes.

For what was Albrecht Durer best known quizlet?

Terms in this group (5) What does he excel at? A great painter who is more well-known for his prints (woodcuts and engravings) What are a few instances of his usage of prints? What illustrations of his engravings are there? What topics piqued his interest? What made him famous?

What are characteristics of Albert Durer’s art quizlet?

away from classicism and linear perspective, and instead on the human form. produced twisted, manufactured postures. proportions that are lengthy.

Which types of printing did Albrecht Dürer use in his most famous works Edgenuity?

Relief prints by Albrecht Dürer (Woodcuts). colored block. Pale, bottom, and inked intolgio print that adheres to paper (top) Paper was affordable! Making paper was possible. 1430. Planographic print: stone, paper, and blanket on bed of printing press (bottom).

What is the difference between surrealism and Dadaism?

Surrealism was about building a connection between the subconscious and the actual world, while Dadaism represented mocking conventions and common knowledge and promoted meaninglessness and absurdity. Surrealism was never opposed to art, and its conception of autonomy never meant the same thing as chance did for Dadaism.

What is restitution in art?

Restitution is the practice of giving something back to its rightful owner, who is typically their heir, whether they be a person, family, museum, state collection, or national government.

What does the term conceptual art mean?

Conceptual art is art in which the underlying idea (or concept) is more significant than the final product.

What is Dadaism as an art of painting?

Dadaism is an art form, to put it simply. It is a style of art. The events that took place during its inception are crucial to the concept of dadaism. It qualifies as a movement since it was developed and popularized by a group of artists who had a same philosophy and aesthetic at a specific time.

What was Rembrandt’s style of art?

Painting in the Baroque era Dutch Renaissance

What is Andy Warhol’s style of art?

Modern art Pop art

Is Pollock an abstract artist?

American painter Paul Jackson Pollock (; January–August) was a key figure in the abstract expressionist movement.

What kind of artist is Marcel Duchamp?


Who use surrealism?

Who were the Surrealist artists? Jean Arp, Max Ernst, André Masson, René Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dali, Pierre Roy, Paul Delvaux, and Joan Miró were the key Surrealist artists. Although they are sometimes mentioned on this list, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo never formally belonged to the Surrealist movement.

Who is the artist of Fountain quizlet?

Quizlet flashcards for Fountain by Marcel DuCHAMP.

What is Duchamp known for?

Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp was a French-American painter, sculptor, chess player, and writer whose work is connected to Dada, Cubism, and conceptual art. He was born in France on July 28, 1887, and died in the United States on October 2, 1968.


The “an artist who uses art to comment on the dehumanizing potential of technology is:” is an artist that addresses racial identity with his/her internet art.

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