Tate Britain QuizTrail - Available on the App Store

PlayTate Britain QuizTrail’ and win discounts at Tate’s online shop. Follow a themed trail, answer multiple-choice questions and discover more about the artworks on display at this famous London gallery.  For the best experience the game should be played at the gallery at Millbank, London. Players can also play at home.  Download on the app store by visiting this link.

[highlight]FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS[/highlight]

Can QuizTrail be played offline?
Yes – although you will need an internet/data connection the first time you open the application in order to download the images, questions, maps etc.  Although the game itself should work perfectly well without an internet connection you will not be able to share your progress to social networks like Facebook and twitter.  You will not be able to retrieve your prize (a discount at the Tate online shop) at the end of the game without an internet connection, however you can retrieve this later when you have data access.

Can I redeem my the discount code in the Tate Britain shop?
Unfortunately it will not be accepted in the physical shop.  You can only redeem your discount code in the Tate online shop.

Can I play this at Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool or Tate St Ives?
At the moment QuizTrail is designed around artworks in Tate Britain Gallery, Millbank, London.  If you’d like to see a version for Tate Modern please drop us an email and if we get enough support we’ll look into it!

Why aren’t all the artworks in the gallery in the application?
Unfortunately some artworks have copyright restrictions that mean we can’t show them in the game.

Got another question or a suggestion?  Please drop us a line.

Available on the app store