1 x 60 minute show for Channel 4.

Rich Fulcher introduces an insane look at the big news events of 2012 through totally original media mashups made by the internet’s most famous names. The roster of genius animators, musicians, visual artists, autotuners and comic performers includes Dan Bull, David Schneider, Cassetteboy, Rob Manuel, and many more.

News events covered include Barclays Bank LIBOR fixing, Prince Harry, Fifty Shades of Grey and the death of Lonesome George the last Galapagos tortoise – all given the mashup treatment. Channel 4′s Drugs Live features with a trippy song ‘Tea’s a Drug’ (yep, The Shaman gave their approval) while a truly ‘spaced out’ version of the Felix Baumgartner record-breaker will bring a new meaning to high jump.

The US Republican Party, the Olympics, the Jubilee, Apple, Duncan Bannatyne, Lance Armstrong on drugs and the discovery of the Higgs Boson are also covered. No one is safe.

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