The Geography of Creativity in the UK  - Nesta has worked in partnership with Creative England to map the creative industries in the UK and produced a fascinating interactive piece of work. 

FX takes major steps to improve diversity in 'racially biased' TV system - FX, the TV network that dominated this year’s Emmy nominations thanks to The People v OJ Simpson and Fargo, is taking action to improve diversity behind the camera. 


GoPro’s 360-Degree Camera Rig To Launch On August 17th - On August 17th, the camera company will release a six-camera rig called Omnithat will allow its users to shoot, edit, and upload spherical videos. 

Smile, or the phone call will finish  - A young designer at the Royal College of Art has developed a series of interactive household objects, that are designed to stimulate feelings of happiness in users. 

Drone direction - The flying robotic pop band  - A team of US robotics experts have put together a pop group of flying drones, who will play a string of live dates this weekend. 


Cat campaign signs deal for Clapham Common takeover  - A campaign to buy the entire ad inventory of a London Underground station and fill it with pictures of cats has signed a contract with Exterion Media to make the project a reality. 

Zoo gives free access to gingers for World Orangutan Day  - Life can be a bit of a challenge sometimes if you’ve got ginger hair. Making up only 0.6% of the world’s population, gingers are in the minority. 


"Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin"    A rap track by two African immigrants living in Russia, has been viewed over a million times on YouTube. 

There's an App That Could Make Walking and Texting Less Deadly  - If you've been wandering around staring at your phone, enslaving creatures and forcing them into battles for your own personal gain lately, you've probably walked into something. The good news? You're not alone. 


How Well Do You Actually See Shades Of Black? - Look deep into your soul and you'll find it.

Do You Know These Celebs' Real First Names? - Turns out a lot of famous peeps decided to give their first name the boot.